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At this time, sessions are only offered virtually through Zoom.   This is available for herbalism and hypnosis, and both are still effective therapies, despite not meeting in person.  Reiki sessions are not currently available at this time. 

Please provide 24 hours notice for appointment reservations and cancellations.  If an appointment is missed or cancelled without 24 hours notice, a $25 cancellation fee will be charged.

If you are curious about working with me, I offer a free initial 15 minute phone call.  In this session, you can tell me what you are looking for.  We will then determine if we are a good match to work together.


Prior to your visit, you will need to fill out a health history intake and informed consent form.  You can find these forms here.


For herbal consultations, please plan to bring all current prescriptions, herbs, supplements etc in with you to your first session.  Also, come with current and relevant lab work from your physician.

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