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Herbal Consultations



My approach stems from a knowledge of western herbalism, physiology, and nutrition combined with components of the energetics of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.  For more information, check out my FAQs.


Initial Visit

In a standard herbal consultation, there is an initial 75-90 minute extensive health intake that involves an in-depth examination of factors affecting your well being, including your environment, relationships, lifestyle choices, dietary habits, personal and family history, and emotional and physical health.  We will discuss your health concerns and work together to create attainable goals.  You will then receive a balanced and realistic wellness plan including herbal formulas, diet and/or lifestyle changes, and suggestion of hypnosis or Reiki services.  All herbal remedies are custom formulated to meet the needs of each specific individual and will be available the following day.  In some case, products may be recommended to purchase at local stores or online.


Follow Up Visits

A crucial part in working with an herbalist is the ongoing engagement to allow for necessary adjustments in the treatment regimen.  This will allow for further support of your healing process.   We will schedule to meet two to four weeks after your first appointment to make sure that the herbs and health plan are appropriately serving you. At that time, we will address any changes that may be necessary.  


After the second meeting, we may choose to meet on a regular basis (typically monthly) to continue tailoring your health plan together.  These meetings last between 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your needs.  You may only need to check in to get more herbs, or if working with a chronic issue, there may be additional recommendations during follow ups.



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