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Hypnosis Consultations



Hypnosis is a process of deeply relaxing the body, quieting the critical mind and opening up the subconscious.  This allows you to be in a receptive, trance-like state where you receive focused imagery and suggestions toward a specific goal to make changes in your life and health.


The state of hypnosis can only happen if you allow it.  Contrary to popular belief, you are in control the entire time, and the suggestions will only work if they echo your personal truth and desires.  This is collaborative work and successful results will only be achieved with both of our efforts.


I practice client-centered hypnosis, a style that honors the vast range of your individual experience and inner knowledge.  My method extends beyond the traditional idea of the all powerful hypnotist and the client as a passive subject. Instead, I believe that every person has deep wisdom and understanding within themselves.  I work to assist you in accessing that part, which will allow you to move towards an enhanced state of  health and self transformation.


For more detailed information on hypnosis, check out my FAQs.


Initial Session

Your first visit will last 60-75 minutes, and will begin with an interview and intake process.  We will explore your concerns, both physical and emotional, and clarify your intentions and goals.  We may then warm you up to the hypnosis process using some preliminary techniques.  Finally, you will relax and allow yourself to be induced into the state of hypnosis, where inner transformation will begin to take place.  You may be also be given some tools for self hypnosis to work on while at home.   We will close with an action plan of your personal work and successive sessions, and possibly incorporate other supportive therapies.


Follow Up Sessions

You are encouraged to return for consecutive sessions in order to fully receive the benefits of this type of therapy. A standard plan for effective results with hypnosis is a series of 4 sessions. These sessions will last 45- 60 minutes, and will continue with the previously established work.  

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