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Virtual Hypnosis- How does THAT work?

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

It can be hard to imagine how services, like hypnosis, can translate effectively to a virtual platform, but it can and it does! The most important factors contributing to the efficacy of a hypnosis session are:

  • Client willingness and belief that hypnosis can help them

  • Having a quiet and comfortable space in which to receive hypnosis

  • Client commitment to practice self hypnotic techniques at home

  • Client’s trust in the provider's ability to help

While making the move to online consultations may not offer quite the same satisfaction of meeting someone face-to-face, the factors that promote a successful hypnosis session are easily attainable. Navigating pandemic life has shown us that it is indeed possible to build and maintain connections virtually.


It is important that for your session, you find a quiet room in your house with a comfortable place to sit. Ideally, you are reclined, but not fully laying down. If you have a reclining chair, that is perfect, but otherwise, you can prop yourself up against some pillows on a couch, with your head and neck supported and your legs out in front of you. It can also be helpful to have a blanket, as people’s body temperature commonly drops during hypnosis, as well as an eye pillow or mask, if you are so inclined.

In a virtual hypnosis session, we will “meet” over Zoom or Facetime, although phone is also an option if that is your preference. Video is not essential, but will allow us to build a more solid connection to each other through the shared visual of our faces.

We will begin the session with you telling me your story, as well as your motivations, intentions, and goals for hypnosis. I will also answer any questions you have about how hypnosis works and discuss what you can expect.

Once we begin the hypnosis part of the session, there is no longer any need for video. You can set your computer/tablet nearby to hear the sound of my voice. If you are using a phone or tablet that you can set next to you (but not on your body), headphones are highly recommended.

Your comfort is one of the most important aspects of the session, as this will allow you to relax more easily into the hypnotic state and create an internal space of receptivity to the work. You will listen to my voice, eyes closed, for the duration of the session. When we are through, I will count you awake, and when you are ready, we will meet again over video for final thoughts and session closure.

Even though we aren't physically in the same space, I work to cultivate an atmosphere that provides the container of a safe and comforting space to work through your challenges, reach your potential and facilitate your healing.

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